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How to Increase Footfalls in your Retail Store

If you are an owner of a retail store, the paramount though in your mind round the clock would obviously be how to increase footfalls in your store? How do you attract customers from outside your premises and make them want to walk in through your door? The success (or failure) of your store will depend on how well you can frame strategies in this direction.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Have a great window display

If you have a store front that sits on the sidewalk or in front of a place with heavy footfalls, it is essential that you have a great window display. It is not only about having a sample of what you sell in there, you have to be creative and ensure that what you have set out in the window catches the eye. For example, you can deck up your window products with cotton to replicate snow during the Christmas season and some different theme for every other season. Basically, what you have to do is to encourage impulse buying that is, people will just feel attracted to an item and come in to buy it even though they had no previous plans to do so. A lot of sales in retail stores are in this segment only.

Roll out the red carpet

Anything outside your door to show that you really care about customers walking in will create a great impact. It need not be anything elaborate. For example, a simple mat with “Welcome” written in bold kept outside your door in a high footfall area will surely help as it will go a long way to draw attention to your store. A florist can use petals from old roses and other flowers to lay out a carpet outside the door to get attention. The uniqueness of such schemes will grab eyeballs for sure!

Decorate your parking lot (and do not keep it empty)

Your parking lot shows how well you are doing. Empty lots are a sign that business is dull and will act as a deterrent to potential customers and impulse buyers. Have your employees park their cars at the front and have them moved to the back as and when the lot starts filling up with genuine customers. Further, have the parking area decorated with colourful flags and buntings. You will get them cheap at any sports store but be sure to change them before they look dirty and ragged.

Follow these few simple points and you can surely increase footfalls in your retail store.